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Graduation Products : Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order just a cap, gown, and tassel set?
A: Yes. Please fill out Sections 1 and 4 on the graduation order form and bring to your school's order day(s). If you missed your school's order day(s), the order form can be mailed to our office. Please refer to your green flyer for pricing information.

Why wasn't I notified of the original order days at the school?
A: We make every effort to notify each senior and his/her parent(s). We ask the schools to distribute graduation announcement order packets to all seniors and make loudspeaker announcements. We also hang up posters at the school announcing order days. In addition to notifying the students, we send a postcard to all students' homes addressed to their parent(s) or guardian(s), indicating the order days. If a student is not in school on one of the order days, we accept orders by mail up to 2 weeks after the last in-school order day.

Do the graduation packages include the cap and gown set?
A: No, graduation packages do not include the cap and gown set. Refer to your school's green flyer for a list of what is included in the packages and for Cap/Gown pricing. The Cap/Gown section of the order form must be filled in with the student's height and weight to ensure a cap and gown set is ordered.

How will my student be measured for his/her cap and gown?
A: Approximate height and weight are all that is required for a proper cap and gown fit. Head size is no longer measured due to the elastic band one-size-fits-all caps. Gowns are manufactured in 3-inch increments (ex. 5'07”-5'09”), so as long as the student's height is correct within an inch or two, the gown will fit.

How long should my student's gown be?
A: Gowns should be approximately to mid-calf. They should not hang all the way to the floor.

Do cap and gown sets include a tassel?
A: Yes, cap and gown sets include one tassel in the school colors. Additional souvenir tassels can be ordered, along with Status (black) , Stacked (school colors), and Mini-Key ring (school colors) tassels. Please refer to your catalog and order form for options and pricing for your school.

Do caps and gowns have to be returned after graduation?
A: No, students purchase caps and gowns and may keep them after graduation.

Can I receive a refund and/or return my student's unused cap and gown set if he or she does not graduate?
A: Yes, we can provide refunds for caps and gowns that are either not picked up or returned to us unused. All requests for refunds and returned caps and gowns must be received by July 15th in order to process them.

My graduation order is missing something and/or there is an error in name spelling. How can I get it fixed?
A: Please call the Correction Center at 877-475-7027. They will replace any missing items or correct any errors in your order.

My student ordered an apparel item which is the wrong size. How can I get the correct size?
A: Please call the Correction Center at 877-475-7027. They will provide you with the correct size and instructions on how to return the incorrect size.

I received part of my graduation order in the mail. When will I receive the remaining items?
A: The only items that are mailed to students' homes are those with an asterisk (*) on the order form. This includes apparel and jewelry and a few other items. Graduation announcements and any personalized items will be delivered at school. Delivery dates will be announced at school and invoices with balance dues, if any, will be sent to students' homes. Any souvenir tassels, excluding Status tassels, will be packaged with your student's cap and gown set, which are passed out at the school's discretion.

Do Graduation Announcements have students' names printed on them?
A: No, graduation announcements are not personalized with student names. name cards, foil border or regular, must be ordered to personalize your student's announcements.

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