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Class Jewelry: Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what size my student's finger is?

Student's will be sized when orders are taken at school. If an order must be mailed to our office, any jewelry store can provide the correct size or we can mail a disposable ring sizer to your home.

If my student doesn't like his/her ring, can it be changed?

One of the Design-A-Sides, the year date, and the school name can all be changed under the warranty for no charge. This requires remaking the ring and can take approximately 4-6 weeks. Resizing of the ring is also free of charge for the life of the ring. All other changes require a remake fee. Please contact your rep for more information.

My student designed his/her ring online and printed the order form. Do I also need to fill out the hand-written order form?

No, we do not need the hand-written form. Bring the printed order form to school on order day to place your order.

How does the J-Pay program work? Can I sign up for it later?

The J-Pay program divides the cost of the ring by three and charges a credit/debit card automatically over three months. A deposit is not required with this payment plan. J-Pay must be selected when the order is placed. It can not be applied to an order after it has bee submitted.

When will my payments be taken out for the J-Pay program?

The first payment will be deducted approximately 1-3 days after the order is placed in school. The remaining two payments will be deducted at approximately the same time every month for two months. Please contact our office if you need information on the exact dates, as they are not processed in our office and we do not have direct access to the system.

When will my student receive his/her class ring?

Rings are typically delivered to school approximately 4-8 weeks after the order date, however, not all schools will follow this timeline. Please ask your rep for school specific delivery information. Invoices with delivery date information will be sent to your home approximately 10 days prior to the delivery date.

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